Tilby is professionally trained as an Occupational Therapist  with a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.

She has over 6 years experience working in private practice with children & families & she 
is pioneering a new paradigm of support for children & their families. 

Tilby is dedicated to equipping parents with the essential tool to empower them with lifelong approaches, to enable their childs unique potential to fully evolve, as they move through different milestones and stages of life.

A nervous system approach is the foundation for the support Tilby provides through her Online Occupational Therapy sessions through:

 primitive reflex integration

 nervous system regulation & creating safety

 building interoception & body awareness

 emotional awareness & emotional regulation


Online OT sessions giving you the skills to support your child to develop a range of skills & achieve their goals 

During these sessions, you will receive specific strategies and practical support tailored to your child’s needs.
I will provide you with relevant information to understand your child’s developmental needs, giving you the knowledge to lead your child towards reaching their unique potential.

✦ When you book your 1:1 parent consult, your child is not present for this session.

✦ This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s challenges so you can get clear strategies on how best to support your child’s needs.
✦ You will also receive any relevant resources via email following your session, including your child’s home program on the Theratrak phone app.

✦ When you book your child-parent session, I will provide directions for your child to participate in specific OT activities in your home environment, with your support.

✦ These activities will often involve movement and occasionally equipment such as a gym ball or yoga mat, however you will receive preparation information prior to your sessions. You are required to attend this online session for the entire duration with your child.
✦ Often times activities will be focussed on gross motor movement, fine motor skills, social and communication skills, reflex integration, body awareness, sensory processing, body regulation and emotional regulation.
✦ You will also receive any relevant resources via email following your session, including your child’s home program on the Theratrak phone app.

Online occupational therapy can be effective and supportive for children and families who:

• Are unable to attend face-to-face sessions in the clinic
• Are on a waitlist for face-to-face occupational therapy services
Live a long distance away from the closest local therapy services
• Need after-hours appointments after the school/work day

Online therapy focuses on supporting parents/families to feel empowered through:

• Parent-coaching and support 
• Individualised home program activities to best suit your child  
• Education and information to support your family
• Relationships & social connection support
• Neuro-developmental movement program to integrate primitive reflexes  

Giving you and your child the tools to help them achieve their goals and to best support your whole family. 

Every occupational therapy session is child-led and unfolds in a unique and individualised way. A range of activities will be set up prior to your child’s appointment and will be targetted to your child’s goals. Often times activities will be focussed on gross motor movement, fine motor skills, social and communication skills, reflex integration, body awareness, sensory processing, body regulation and emotional regulation.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend together where possible, however if one parent is unable to make it, you can refer to any resources which I provide following the sessions, including your child’s home program on the Theratrak phone app. Parent’s are strongly encouraged to be active participants within their child’s occupational therapy session, as I often emphasise the importance of whole-family approach where all family members are involved in the therapy process.

What's Occupational Therapy?

 Occupational Therapy (OT) is a holistic approach to supporting people to be involved in all aspects of their lives.

Occupational Therapists provide specific support to enable individuals to participate in their daily experiences and activities which are meaningful to them.

OT is focussed on person-centred outcomes and empowering every individual to help themselves during their therapy journey.

‘Occupation’ is not just about our working roles – occupation refers to how each person occupies and uses their time for the tasks and activities they need to do everyday, the experiences which they enjoy and the activities which are meaningful to them.

For children, this refers to play, learning, developing skills such as communication, writing, reading, self-care skills, dressing, movement skills and their emotional wellbeing.

A unique approach

Our occupational therapy sessions focus on giving you the tools to support your child in their daily lives and their daily activities.

Our therapy approach focuses on supporting:

• Self-regulation 
• Body awareness
• Sensory processing
• Relationships & social connection
• Neuro-development
• Integration of primitive reflexes

A Bottom-up Approach

We provide strategies for working at the nervous system level and work with you to understand the root of the challenges your child may be experiencing. 

Taking a child-led, holistic and whole-family approach and work with you to uncover any barriers to learning or participating in everyday activities, to support your child’s confidence and wellbeing.

We work with you to develop a plan based on your needs and offer you a range of strategies to support your child, through a strengths-based approach, so your child has opportunities to learn, grow and have fun!

Your Questions Answered...

No, Occupational Therapy sessions are provided online only to support parents to be present during the appointment.

My philosophy is that by supporting parents to be active in the therapy process, this gives parents an opportunity to learn the tools to support their child in everyday life, reducing the need for long-term therapy sessions, for some individuals.

I provide home-based programs and activities to continue with in between sessions.
It’s strongly encouraged that families practice the prescribed home activities and exercises consistently, as the majority of therapy takes place in between our sessions, in everyday life.

• A requirement of Online Occupational Therapy is that one or both parents are present for the entire online appointment. 
• Decide if you are committed to supporting your child with home program & therapy activities at home between appointments.

I welcome any questions you have & would love to chat with you further to clarify any questions you have.

I believe that every individual will find their preferred therapist, and sometimes this can be a process to find the person who best matches you & your family.

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Occupational Therapy

As an Occupational Therapist, I help people find balance in their health and wellbeing, and discover purpose and meaning through everyday life. ‘Occupation’ is a word to describe the everyday activities we are involved in. 

I support adults, teenagers and children to be able to engage in their daily lives, with a focus on developing self-regulation, body awareness, sensory processing, healthy relationships and social connection, and integrating brain and body connections.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic bodywork modality and involves  light and gentle contact with different parts of your body – usually the feet, the sacrum, or the cranium. The contact is non-invasive and no force or pressure is used. Gentle, light touch is used to to directly engage our nervous system and physiology. 

The sessions are led by the client and the client may be asked to describe the sensations they experience during the treatment. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for all ages.

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Neurodevelopmental Movement and
Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Primitive reflexes are automatic movements which are driven by the brainstem. When primitive reflexes remain active past the age of 2-3 years of age, a child may experience challenges with their learning, motor development, fine motor and gross motor precision, speech, communication and social-emotional development.

Using reflex integration exercises, these areas can be further supported to support all ages with brain-body connection.