You’re here because you are looking for a different way  to help your child. 

Naturally, you want the best for your child & you’ve been searching for solutions which target the root-cause of their learning, behaviour and sensory challenges.

Perhaps you’ve been seeing therapists for a few years or maybe this is
the beginning of your family’s journey, either way this approach is unlike
you might have tried in the past.

Families often find me when they aren’t seeing changes for their child after years of therapy, or when their child reaches a plateau in their progress. They start searching for the missing link, and that’s where I come in.

The Brain-Body connection is the missing link to moving forward &
overcoming your child’s challenges. 

We all have a brain & body, yet most of us are not taught how it works or how to strengthen the brain-body connection to improve our experiences in life.


If you intuitively know that there’s a missing piece to your child’s development, but haven’t found it yet… the brain-body connection is the key you’ve been searching for to unlock your child’s full potential.

I work with you to understand your child’s needs & develop a plan to uncover any barrier’s to your child’s learning & development.

My unique approach addresses focusses on the Brain-Body connection to address the root-cause of sensory, behaviour, academic & movement challenges.


✦Dyslexia ✦Dysgraphia ✦Handwriting ✦Speech ✦Concentration


✦ Regulating Emotions, Managing Meltdowns, Anxiety & Overwhelm


✦ Sensitivities to touch, taste, sound, smell, movement


✦Hand-eye coordination, Balance, Body Awareness

If your child has challenges with skills listed above, take the free online assessment to find out how you can support them.

The Brain-Body connection is the foundation to learning & development.

When there are gaps in the Brain-Body connection, this affects a child’s learning and they may experience a range of challenges.

these challenges Can include


Difficulty With Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths, Planning & Problem-Solving


Difficulty Catching A Ball, Riding A Bike & Playing Sports


Sensitivities To Touch, Sound, Light, Smell & Movement


Difficulty With Eating Certain Food Textures & Fussy Eating


Anxiety, Overwhelm & Meltdowns


Difficulty Sleeping, Frequent Night Terrors & Bed-Wetting

self care

Difficulty With Toileting, Haircuts, Feeding & Dressing

The way to fill in the development gaps is through re-connecting the brain & body.

Strengthening the brain-body connection creates deeper changes in the sensory systems & nervous system. This enables the brain to re-wire for optimal function & address the root cause of sensory, behaviour, academic & movement challenges.

Families often discover that a brain-body approach supports dramatic changes for their child’s learning and skill development, especially families who have seen different therapists, without many improvements from traditional therapy approaches.

My unique approach includes integrating primitive reflexes to reconnect the Brain-Body connection. These reflexes form the blueprints for movement patterns from development in-utero to around age 2.

Reflexes can be integrated through movemnt-based exercises to target brain areas involved in learning.

Primitive reflexes are essential to the development of sensory processing, posture, and processing our senses effectively, self-regulation, learning, movement and emotional regulation, among many other skills.

Download the free reflex e-book to read more about primitive reflexes.


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    Online Occupational Therapy

    Online Occupational Therapy Info Guide


    Brain Body Connect Program

    Brain Body Connect Program info guide


    Traditional face-to-face Occupational Therapy generally emphasises a large focus on therapists directly supporting children with developing specific skills.

    Online Occupational Therapy focusses on giving parents the skills to support their child. After all, you are the expert of your child & you know them better than anyone else.

    Sessions are 1:1 parent sessions and child-parent sessions, depending on your family’s needs. 

    A time just for parents – an opportunity to chat about what is challenging for your child & family. I provide you with the information you need to understand your child’s development asupportive strategies to lead your child towards reaching their unique potential. Both parents are encouraged to attend.

    You will receive:

    ✦ Clear strategies for how to best support your child’s needs. 

    ✦ Effective and practical support tailored to your child & family’s needs.

    ✦ Email summary & resources following your sessions

    An opportunity for you & your child to participate together. Parents are hands-on, with direct support from the therapist to complete specific OT activities in your space at home.

    ✦ 10 consults (30-45 min) either weekly or fortnightly

    ✦ Activities are targeted to support your child’s specific goals

    You will receive:

    ✦ Fun, easy & engaging OT-based activities to practice with at home from each session, to support your child’s goals. 

    ✦ Access to your child’s home program on the Theratrak mobile app. 

    ✦ Email summary following your session

    This program provides you with a bespoke Occupational Therapy-based home program, developed for your child to target specific skill areas.

    You will also receive:

    ✦ 10 x child-parent consults to practice home activities (30 min weekly & fortnightly sessions)

    ✦ Access to your child’s home program on the Theratrak mobile app

    ✦ Access to the Brain-Body course platform with supporting videos to learn about your child’s nervous system, sensory needs & how best to support them.

    Tilby is dedicated to equipping parents with lifelong tools so they feel empowered.
    Empowered parents support their child’s unique potential to fully evolve, as they move through different milestones and stages of life.

    Tilby is professionally trained as an Occupational Therapist, with a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.

    She has over 6 years of experience working in private practice with children & families & she is pioneering a new paradigm of support for children & their families.

    The foundation of Tilby’s approach is grounded in the nervous system to support:

    ✦ Primitive reflex integration (strengthening brain-body connection)

    ✦ Nervous system regulation & creating safety

    ✦ Building interoception skills & body awareness

    ✦ Emotional awareness & emotional regulation for children & parents

    Online occupational therapy can be effective and supportive for children and families who:

    • Are on a waitlist for face-to-face occupational therapy services
    • Live a long distance away from the closest local therapy services
    • Need after-hours appointments after the school/workday

    Online sessions focus on supporting parents/families to feel empowered through:

    • Parent-coaching and support 
    • Individualised home program activities to best suit your child  
    • Education and information to support your family
    • Relationships & social connection support
    • Neuro-developmental movement program to integrate primitive reflexes  

    Your child’s home program will vary between 5-10 minutes per day and many activities can be simply integrated into your daily routine.

    It is strongly encouraged that you support your child to practice their home activities and exercises consistently, as the majority of therapy takes place in between our sessions, in everyday life.

    Realistically, 30-45 minutes is a very tiny window in your child’s whole week/fortnight to attend therapy appointments.

    Occupational Therapy sessions are online, to support parents to be present during appointments. At least one parent is required to be present for the entire online session. 

    My philosophy is that by supporting parents to be active in the therapy process, you can learn the tools to support their child in everyday life, which may reduce the need for long-term therapy sessions for some individuals.

    My mission is to give you and your child the tools to help them achieve their goals and to best support your whole family.