If you ask your body a question, it will give you an answer.

Maybe it shows up in a metaphor, or perhaps it is a felt sensation, an idea, or words which come into our awareness.

The body’s wisdom is far deeper and wider than we suspect.

To listen, we can open ourselves to the possibility of something else.

We create space for listening and in this space, our body can recognise and reorganise itself.


I wrote these words a year ago, as a note to myself.
Just last night, I was thinking about one of the first experiences I had where I had made a direct connection to my whole self – mind body and spirit.

I remember the moment so clearly. It was a profound step forwards on my journey.
We were on our way to Canada in 2017, to see our beautiful friends. I sat in the airplane seat next to my partner, as we awaited the plane taking off. While I sat in my seat, I looked down at my right ankle, an area of my body I had become very familiar with for around a year or so. I had developed a round-shaped skin rash on my right ankle which had expanded over time, and was often itchy, dry and red. I was pretty ‘over it’ by now and I felt I was ready to say goodbye to this recurring and irritating rash, which flared whenever I felt stressed or irritated.

“Okay body. We’re going on holiday. There’s nothing to stress about, you’re going to have a relaxing time away from work, and out in nature with lots of adventures to be had.” I started telling myself.
“So, seeing as there’s not going to be any stress, you can start working on healing that itchy ankle rash we’ve had for so long.” As I looked down and stared at my right ankle, with compassion.
I set the intention for this to start healing while we travelled for a month in Canada. I was pretty certain that I wasn’t coming home with this rash looking the same way.

I kind of forgot about my intention, a few times, and about two weeks into our trip, I was putting my socks on and looked down at my ankle. I noticed a slight colour change, right in the centre of the rash, some redness had begun to fade. A few days passed and I looked again, as I could see my skin rash was healing from the centre outwards, like a donut.
I was in awe of my body’s ability to get to work and sort this out, as I had assertively requested. I also smiled to myself, reassured that I knew my body would listen.


We arrived back in Australia and my ankle rash continued to heal. After 3 months, I could barely see the outline where it once was. It literally had disappeared. No topical creams. No diet changes. No attempts to forcibly control my body’s messages to me, by treating the symptoms.

Through my intention to notice, listen and witness my body’s communication and messages to me, I was able to resolve the issue through going within. Through trusting that my body could resolve this, once I had received the messages it needed me to hear.

That message was to trust my body. To trust myself. To know that wisdom and strength resides inside of me. To lean into this and open myself up to listening more deeply.

This was one of the first experiences I had with discovering the power of the mind, the power of intention and the power of connecting within, to our body and our intuition.


We can all connect with our body and intuition, any time. We can get to the root cause of our issues by tuning in and deepening our relationship to ourselves, our body, our mind and our intuition.


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